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A lot has been published and said about using jockey and trainer methods to discover excellent horse racing wagers. Almost everyone who tries to back horses for money knows that there are some groups of jockey and trainer combinations that win a lot of races.


But just how essential is that information in reality when you are rating races? For example, let's say you see an excellent jockey trainer combination with a 73% win and place strike rate history at York Racecourse. How big of a deal is that?

The concern that you really have to ask yourself is this, how much of an effect is this information that is openly known to other punters having upon the odds. Many horse racing papers and websites now display this research so it is well known and many punters will jump on the band wagon, or so it seems.

One example was a in a five runner horse race and I spotted a jockey/ trainer combination who were running a gelding to the starting gates at a price of 7-2. The early morning odds on this horse were 3-1. So even though the trainer jockey combination seemed fairly hot and the official handicapper believed highly of the horse, it was going off a bit over the early morning odds. This isn't exactly rocket science, but it does cause us to take another look and to consider if it is a worthy bet.

The race favourite was a 6 year old gelding and was being sent to post by another excellent jockey/ trainer combination. They have a win and place strike rate of 58% in the money. Evaluating the two statistics of 58% to 75% we discover that the first combination is in the money 25% more often. So just looking at that one bit of information determines it is apparent that by gambling the 75% combination provides you with a 25% advantage. But now, here is the actual key to discovering value, the horse had an early morning price of 9-5, but actually went to off at even money.

I recognize this is a very simple example and I am describing an easy method to discover value, but it makes you think, doesn't it? This combination is in the cash 25% more often. The horse is going off above the early morning price in a small field race. If you didn't have lots of time to study the race cards in depth and could only use the morning odds and jockey/trainer statistics, which horse would you bet on?

Whenever you are having problems choosing winning value selections, keep in mind this easy example. Go back to the basics and look at the very fundamentals and see if there isn't some apparent bit of data that can be combined in addition to one other bit of information to lead you toward an excellent value bet.

There are a lot of unexplainable accidents and situations that can happen to us during the course of our lives. Some will be easy to manage, taking only some serious decision making skills and a solid personal resolve while others may be a tad more complicated, needing a more professional and legal advice. Face it, we live in a world of conflict and though we wish that things were more in sync and in harmony to the rules we want, the world is not like that. Hence the need for lawyers. By applying the word of law to complicated situations, light is shone even in the darkest of situations.

Prepaid Legal Services is a privately owned corporation that allows members access to legal advice over the phone. Wherever you are, whenever you need help, whatever the situation is. As long as you have paid the monthly pre-paid fee, you are eligible to dial-a-lawyer, so to speak. You gain access to phone advice from an attorney and discounted hourly rates with a lawyer from a law firm. It provides subscribers relief from exorbitant lawyer rates as well as from the added stress of trying to find the right lawyer during the most confusing of times.

The company provides a wide array of prepaid legal services for the subscriber, ensuring that every cent that you pay for membership is worth it. Here, the top ten:

10) Telephone or face-to-face consultations.

For a little less than $20 a month, you are able to consult with a legal professional over the phone or in person if you wish. In any business move or an unexpected situation which may involve a large sum of money, it is recommended that you are well informed about the nuances of the law. In order to make the best possible decision concerning a will, before suing someone, before signing a contract, in dealing with an accident or buying insurance, advice from a lawyer is the best form of preparation that you can do. You must admit, there are some things in life that are better left with a professional.

You do not want to engage in a business partnership with someone on the sole basis of trust only to find out that a few years down the line, you have been ripped off. It pays to have a legal expert provide a breakdown of the most important matters in your life. Rule of thumb is, if you are not sure, talk to your lawyer. A Prepaid legal services membership makes it easy for every individual seeking professional help and eliminates the need to second guess.

9) Identity theft protection.

There is no greater danger nowadays than identity theft. Especially with the majority of transactions being done online and sensitive information being inputted in websites, you can bet that identity thieves are hard at work finding ways to weasel valuable credit card and bank account information from these sites. These are highly skilled professionals and good at what they do; going to great lengths to search for details that they may use against you. There are many situations that can allow an experienced crook to gain access to your information. Going through your trash, your mail, hacking your online accounts or just by careful investigation. You must remain ever vigilant.

With prepaid legal services, you can get your identity back. By paying the monthly membership fee, you are given unlimited consultations with fraud resolution specialists at no extra cost. You are also given up to 8 emergency responses and an ID theft emergency response kit. Prepaid legal services also give you up to $25,000 in identity theft insurance coverage so that you can get back on your feet sooner.

8) Legal Issue Advice on Accidents, Injuries and Disabilities.


Life is a string of the most unexpected twists and turns and these are what make life worth living. The only problem is, some of these situations have repercussions that are beyond us and try as we might to resolve them, we are simply powerless to do so. Prepaid legal services membership offers you advice on various legal issues that would otherwise boggle the mind of the average individual. Get topnotch advice on issues like auto accidents, personal injuries, insurance advice and disability cases. These issues are hard enough to deal with on their own and not having a clear vision of the law and your rights may only invalidate some of them or put you in a worse pickle. Be wise with your decisions and seek legal advice before going ahead with any major move especially on important issues such as these.

7) Legal Issue Advice on Divorce, Child Custody and Settlements.

One of the hardest things anyone ever has to go through is the process of divorce. There is a lot of hurt, a lot of questions and a lot of pain accompanying a decision like this. Anyone who's ever been served with divorce papers to sign knows that the last thing they want to think of during a crisis like this is the hassle of which lawyer to call and deal with ridiculous lawyer consultation fees. With prepaid legal service, just one call gets you through a divorce lawyer, saving you from the trouble of finding contacts and deciding on matters which you may not be ready to face yet.

A good divorce lawyer is what you need to put the situation in perspective. By talking โปรแกรมสูตรบาคาร่า ts911 to one over the phone or face to face, you are immediately given a path to follow and a clearer step by step guide of what you should do. No one has to experience immense suffering during a divorce proceeding. Oftentimes, a call to a lawyer without fear of sky high lawyer fees is enough to get you back on your feet.

6) Tax and Financial Planning.

If only all of us were blessed with the ability to make sound financial decisions and fix all issues pertaining to tax and income to set us for life. The problem is, not everyone is gifted in the area of crunching numbers and building workable solutions out of them. There is the issue of tax that so many of us are still uneducated about up to this point. Add that to the stress that comes with trying to budget properly and trying to organize financial data to make for an easier, simpler and cleaner system. One of the most popular prepaid legal services offered is tax and financial planning for individuals who are out of control with their spending and budgeting habits.

Through phone calls or face to face consultations, the individual is given access to a professional financial consultant who can clearly and systematically clear your path of credit mishaps and money mistakes. Getting an expert to go through your tax statements and other financial matters will take away some of the burden that may have been weighing you down. By finding out possible steps you can make for a brighter and better financial future, you will then be able to get back on your feet and find the relief that you have been searching for.

5) Personal Services.

Prepaid Legal Services include giving topnotch professional advice on things that you may have taken for granted. There is always a better way to do some things especially if you can get an expert's opinion on that matter. By paying a monthly fee of a little less than $20, you are given professional advice on business decisions, retirement planning, college funding and even IRA matters. Imagine never having to second guess again on things that matter more than you think. Everyone needs a hand with their finances. It's not the easiest thing trying to find the best way to plan for the future. But almost always, when someone from the outside is given a chance to look into your situation, it becomes very clear what steps it is that you must do.

So if you're having problems with your finances or even if everything is going rosy, it still pays to have someone give suggestions on how you can better prepare for your future. You can ask for advice regarding general budget, home-based business deductions, charitable giving, consumer credit, estate conservation and other financial concerns. You don't have to wait until everything has gone under before you seek and take advice. When thing are doing well, all the more you should call to seek the protection that you and your finances deserve. Find out what a financial lawyer can do to your life today. It just may be the smartest move you ever will do.

4) Business Services.

Have you started your own business? Get the advice of real experts so that you know what to do and how to keep your business and your employees protected. From Prepaid legal services, you can get advice on matters concerning bonuses, payrolls and salaries. You can seek advice regarding funding for your business. You can also get stellar tips on the best retirement and pension plan for both you and your employees. Having a lawyer on call for important matters like these is priceless. And this is just one of the benefits that you get with prepaid legal services.

Don't get caught up with any shady legal or business practices that offer only a short term fix but can spell out a lot of problems for you in the long run. Learn the legal and correct way of handling your business and be well versed with the laws that can protect it. These will serve as your army and your shield especially these days were fraud cases are aplenty. Don't let anybody get away with your hard-earned cash and capital Find out how you can be a sharper businessman today.

3) Online access.

With Prepaid legal services, your ideas don't have to take a backseat to schedules. There is always an attorney waiting to give you answers about any legal or business issue that you may have. So the next time that you are tossing and turning in bed wondering what exactly your options are in the new investment scheme that you are planning or if you have a genius idea that you just can't get out of your head, log on to prepaid legal services online and get enlightened right away. It is the most convenient way for you to get answers about any business or personal move that you have been planning.

Remember, it pays to consult a lawyer first. You don't' want to lose millions of dollars on a wrongly placed business move or on a decision that backfired on you. There is little that we know about the law and such matters are best left to the professionals. What is great about prepaid legal services is that they are virtually on call anytime of the day, any day of the week. The online feature comes with the membership and by paying an affordable monthly amount; you are given access to an attorney at anytime you please.

2) Document services.

As a prepaid legal service plan member, you get many perks and benefits as well as access to discounted legal advice over the phone, online or face to face. Another service that you are provided is document services wherein important documents may be reviewed for free by an attorney. Collection statements, employment contracts and real estate agreements may be reviewed at no additional cost by a legal representative although there may be a limit to the number of documents that you can have reviewed in a year. Also, other documents such as will, power of attorney and such may be prepared and reviewed at a discounted rate.

1) Discounted contingency fees.

The best service that is offered to the members of a Prepaid Legal Service plan is they get to have a representation by an attorney in cases like personal injury or collection. The lawyers operate on a discounted contingency fee, that is, they get paid in a certain percentage of the award that goes to the plaintiff if the case is won. In today's modern times where hiring a lawyer can reach exorbitant amounts, this is plainly one of the best benefits of prepaid legal services.

All in all, for the asking fee of $19.95 for a basic legal plan and considering all the services you are entitled to, the Prepaid Legal Services is a sound and wise investment. Hiring a lawyer nowadays can cost you up to hundreds of dollars at any given time and knowing the number of occasions that you may need to get in touch with one in a lifetime, having the security of an attorney at your fingertips at a little less than $20 a month certainly is worth it.